Earn Money

       As an extra each of our   customers can earn big discounts of and even make extra money through our service.The way is very simple and based on how many new customers you refer to us.

As bonus commision we give you the 20% of the each transaction of your referred customer all the time he and you stay in our service.This means big monthly discounts an even a free service from us and make extra money too.

Let us give you some examples to understand the way the system works:

Example 1:
You register to our service and tell to a friend of yours  about us.He registers to our service and makes his own shop.Every month you will take from us commision the 20% of the money he pay to us.This means to have to pay 20% to us every month.And this doesn’t stop here if you refer to us 2 friends you have 40% every month,3 customers 60% discount and so on.You can even have your monthly service for free if you refer to us 5 customers and they have registered their shops to us.

Example 2:
An other example is the situation where you have more than 5 friends referred to us.For example you have 30 friends referred this means you have your service for free and to earn and 75€ too.

If you intresting on have big discounts,your service for free and even make money then go to your administration panel to affiliates section.Copy your afiliate code share it and start earn money.